About Jodie Hopkins, PMHNP-BC

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner in Mansfield, TX

Jodie Hopkins, PMHNP-BC

She is a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner and a counselor with experience across all age groups. Clients appreciate her insight and non-judgmental approach. She believes in the transformative power of therapy and medication when necessary, as they can remove obstacles and help individuals reach their full potential.

She recognizes the courage it takes to seek therapy and promises to meet clients where they are, providing support for overwhelming emotions or guidance in specific areas. She offers a range of tailored medication options when appropriate.

If therapy or medication isn’t the right fit, she assists clients in finding alternative solutions. She believes in the client’s expertise in their own story and strives to find the best options for them.

She encourages resilience and taking the first step towards healing. Through intake assessments or medication reviews, she commends clients for their bravery and supports them in their journey to a happier life.